What we offer

insoso delivers intelligent software solutions. We offer web & mobile apps as well as corporate solutions in multiple domains – all built on a high level of quality standards: Our core values are clean code, automated testing, and a maximum level of reusability. Moreover, insoso offers solutions based on artificial intelligence: Our expertise lies in the domain of automated planning and scheduling, self-learning systems as well as natural language processing. And finally we provide consulting services in the domain of software architecture, automated testing, cross-platform development and any kind of decision support system.


Technologies we use

Even though we enjoy working with almost every technology and programming language, at insoso we have particularly strong experience in

  • enterprise-level Java (with Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, etc.)
  • advanced JavaScript/HTML/CSS as well as
  • C#/ASP.NET
  • Metaheuristics, neural networks, probabilistic classification, etc.

From a process point of view, we do rapid prototyping, test-driven development and agile methods.

Domains of experience

The team behind insoso has worked in multiple domains. For example:

  • Web-based prototypes for air traffic monitoring.
  • Systems in air traffic management and air traffic control.
  • Solutions for schedule and way time optimization in the domain of mobile care.
  • Map-based systems and intermodal routing solutions.
  • Studies on the potentials of automated decision support systems in airport towers as well as analyses of complex decision problems.
  • Development of water quality monitoring system frontends.

We really love

insoso is all about delivering high quality in innovative solutions. Our core values are:

  • Testing FTW! As we love test-driven development and automated testing, insoso has lots of experience in unit, integration, system and end-to-end testing.
  • Code Quality: We enjoy following the principles of clean code, as only clean code is maintainable and easily extendable.
  • Cross-Platform Development: We strongly believe that much is possible for multiple platforms with a single codebase nowadays.
  • Continuous Learning. As we know about the importance of continuous learning, we never stop trying out new technologies and processes.

Meet us

insoso is a team of enthusiastic software developers and architects based in Vienna, Austria. We are always keen to share ideas and thoughts. If you are too, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by dropping a short message.

We are constantly expanding our team. If you share our values and are looking to work with a great team on innovative solutions, please also drop a message including a short CV and skill profile.

If you are looking for support in the development of a software solution, we are also pleased to hear from you! Write or give us a call, so we can discuss your requirements and possible options of support.